Research Director's Review

"Scientific research forms a small but important part of the activities of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira", says Professor Liisa Sihvonen, DVM, Ph.D.

Evira aims to conduct high-quality scientific research related to the safety, composition and quality of food, the health of animals and plants and the welfare of animals, in sectors corresponding to the authority’s goals.

Scientific research at Evira is linked with its duties and influence in society. Users of Evira’s research data include both national actors and the international scientific community. Hence, its research and development must benefit the needs of society and decision-making. The social impact of research must always be taken into account as well.

Evira has renewed the scientific research action plan. Food safety and quality research is directed at the entire food chain, and focuses on microbiological and chemical research. In Finland, research into animal health and welfare concentrates on significant diseases among production and wild animals, with an emphasis on contagious diseases, health care and welfare. In plant health, the focus is on harmful pests.

The action plan is based on the renewed strategy, in which scientific research plays an important role: In Evira’s values, expertise is based on research data.

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