Research and Laboratory Department

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira's Research and Laboratory Department produces reliable information for control and for the use of decision-makers and researchers.

The Research and Laboratory Delartment supports Evira's goal of ensuring the safety of food, promoting the health of animals and plants and the welfare of animals as well as ensuring the preconditions of plant and animal production. The work of the department involves scientific research, risk assessment and expert activities. Evira is also responsible for extensive reference laboratory operations.

Evira’s health-related studies are conducted on production, non-professional and wild animals. The aim of animal disease examinations is to monitor the animal disease situations in Finland and to anticipate new animal disease threats and diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. A considerable part of animal disease examinations are related to the identification of the causes of disease and solving disease problems on farms.

Food safety research is conducted on foods, their ingredients and animal feed and fertilisers. Microbiological studies of foods are used to analyse pathogen microbes transmitted through food and animals, and their antibiotic resistance. Microbiological studies related to food poisoning focus on determining the origin of bacterial strains that cause epidemics.

The majority of the chemical analyses of food are related to national contamination control, according to which studies are conducted on residues of drugs and pesticides, environmental contaminants and banned growth promoters, among others. In addition, we conduct analyses on nutritional quality, composition and authenticity.

Plant analysis is related to the analysis of the quality for use and safety of grain, as well as the analysis of seeds, the quality of seed potatoes and plant diseases. Plant analysis includes the identification of harmful pests subject to control in farm, forest and garden plants, and the examination of imported timber and wooden packaging materials.

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